Stem Cell and regenerate medicine

Somatic cell analysis and therapies still enhance the sector of Regenerative drugs and what it offers patients and scientists. Stem cells have and can still play a essential role in scientific discoveries through organic process biology and therapeutic applications, however, we should always be conscious to not limit our descriptions or thoughts concerning Regenerative drugs and it’s capabilities to vegetative cell analysis alone. The sole constraints placed around it area unit those we tend to set, as those within the field ask for to uncover the intricacies of our biological systems.

Typically, once the term ‘Regenerative Medicine’ arises individuals mechanically consider stem cells, significantly, embryonic stem cells. Being that embryonic somatic cell analysis is presently a extremely debated topic in each the scientific and political field, the idea that Regenerative drugs analysis solely involves embryonic somatic cell analysis is narrowing to the sector and doesn't enable one to grasp its full potential. Whereas all vegetative cell work is important to the advancement of Regenerative drugs analysis and therapies, we tend to cannot interchange the 2 terms as equals. As we tend to learn a lot of regarding Regenerative drugs, we tend to should broaden our minds, therefore as to not limit the huge potentialities that Regenerative drugs researchers ask for to search out within the inherent mysteries of our biological systems.


  • Stem cell preservation and bio banks
  • Clinical Applications of Stem Cells & Stem Cell Therapy
  • Translation Opportunities in Stem Cell Research
  • Collecting and Banking a Quality Cord Blood Product
  • Medical devices and artificial organs

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